Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

So I watched the latest video post from Jorge and was completely floored. I had no idea how bad sugar was outside of fruits and vegetables. Fructose is a poison just like ethanol (alcohol). So much for the red grape that Dr. Oz extols. The silver lining however, is that I can't look at a candy bar, baked goods, Dr. Pepper or A LOT of things the same way ever again. I am already a label/ingredient list reader but I will be ever more vigilant in my inspection of food products.
Within the last year I discovered Nature's Own organic wheat bread for my kids. It does not contain HFC and has whole grains in it and a decent amount of fibre. What is even better is that I buy it at the bread thrift store so I pay $1 to $1.50 per loaf depending on their sales. I have a chest freezer so I load up on it when they have it. My last trip I bought 16 loaves and 4 packages of the HFC free whole wheat hamburger buns.
I also learned that fibre, fibre, fibre is key for many reasons. The video also touches on why it is absent from fast food and why so many food producers don't include it in their products.....shelf life and shipping to other countries. If we were to follow a Paleolithic diet, we would only eat raw foods and our fibre intake would be around 100-300grams.
An amazing video with lots to think about. I went so far as to try and find the book Pure, White and Deadly the Dr. mentions and I did find it on Amazon for $662! So much for reading.
I highly recommend that you watch the video.

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  1. What Video? Do you have a link?