Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yes, it has been a while

So, 8 months ago was my last post.  Suffice it to say that it has been a very difficult 8 months.  I was laid off from my crappy job in mid-December and the unemployment guy suggested I wait until January to file because my "base" for the previous quarter was $500....which would be what my benefit was based on.  So I waited and looked for the requisite number of jobs per week in a field with very few viable options.  I eventually got a job the end of January but again, with an unethical company.  The highlight is, I will finally get my license in 2 months :-)  and I made it clear in the beginning, that I would not participate in anything I remotely questioned as unethical practice.
I am an emotional eater.  I have had my sugar and carb party for the last 8 months and while it was delicious and fun at the time, the crash has happened and here the cycle goes again.....spring and summer are here and I don't want another summer to go by without a single trip to the beach I live just 10 miles from.
I have mentioned that sugar is my downfall....not so much that I seek it out, as I've been very happy with replacing sweetener with stevia, but that when I do have it, the scale reflects it very quickly.  I don't know that carbs are the big issue, however, after reading Amber's blog and watching the video of Dr. Oz's show with Gary Taubes on it, I might do an experiment this week and eat nothing but lean meats and green veggies to see if I can drop some pounds fairly quickly.  I also have major "elimination" problems and can't figure out if it is due to low fiber, not enough hydration or a combination of the two...but today I'll put together a menu for the next week and go shopping for supplies and give it a go and pray that I can "go" soon....I feel awful.
I am also contemplating purchasing a book by an authority in CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Judith Beck, daughter of Aaron Beck, has written 3 books on dieting and using CBT to change thoughts and behaviors related to food.  I think this is what is missing for me.  I believe at this point I know enough about nutrition that I could teach anyone about food and nutrition but no one has really addressed the thoughts and feelings associated with eating for emotional eaters.
Here is a link to her website:

Once I create my menu for next week I'll post in the event that anyone would like to reference it.

Thank you for reading and posting comments, I appreciate the feedback :-)