Friday, April 30, 2010


Like most folks, I've rewarded myself with food and shopping sprees for clothes.  What I've discovered is food shouldn't always be the reward and I've got too many clothes!  I spent a recent Saturday "shopping" in my own closet and was amazed at how much I had to donate because the clothes are too big!  Actually, I felt mixed about it, on the one hand, hooray for the weight loss but on the other, boo for the $ wasted.
I have opted to reward myself with things that will keep me motivated to eat well.  I have a HomeGoods store here where I live.  I like to go there and look at what they have as far as dishes, glasses and pans.  I have found dishes and bowls that are beautiful Italian ceramic that I eat my meals from.  I have also purchased unique and pretty glasses.  I buy only one-not a set, to emphasize that this is for ME.  I really enjoy eating off of beautiful dishes and pretty glasses certainly encourage fluid consumption.
I was also very thrilled to discover glass water bottles at HomeGoods.  I had read about them in magazines but hadn't seen them and just by chance I found them at HomeGoods.  I bought 4 of them and they are pretty-butterfly and flower designs on the glass.
So, when you hit your next milestone, reward yourself with something that encourages you to continue on your healthy path and brings you joy!


So, like Amber (Me and Jorge), I've been on the BFC lifestyle for 6 months and I've lost 16 pounds.  I am pleased with where I am with my weightloss and have maintained this for about 2 months.  Would I like to lose more? Yes.  Have I been following the plan 100% like Amber?  No.
I think my biggest issue when I began BFC was the size of my pants.  I was wearing size 14 and I'd never worn that size before.  I also hated the fact that my boobs were regularly sitting on my belly.  Once I got back into the 150's my pant size went down and once I hit the 140's I was able to buy some new pants....size 8 jeans and size 10 dress pants.  I haven't been regimented in following all of the BFC criteria...I've been mostly following the sugar rule.  I admit that some evenings, my husband and I have date night at the local mexican restaurant on .99 margarita night and I'll have 2 of those.  I also admit to having 2 of McDonald's flavored coffees.  I tried the caramel frappe and last summer I lived off the iced caramel coffee.  I've had 2 iced caramel coffees in the last month.
For those reading this who are currently on the BFC plan, if you haven't gotten the message from others yet, automation of your meals is key.  I've started a new temporary job waiting for my "real" job to start in July (fingers crossed).  For the last year I've only worked part time and now I'm working full time and I am finding it difficult to get going in the mornings.  I've had 2 or 3 days where I actually packed all my food for the day and ate it.  I went so far as to buy a new cooler and I've not used it as well as I'd envisioned.  Bathing suit weather is here and I'm close to getting into one but not just yet.....flab.
Yes, how long have I been mentioning core exercises so I can wear that bathing suit?!  Have I done it? Nope.  Honestly, I'm exhausted from the job and the thought of exercise makes me tired!  However, I know I have at least 15 minutes every morning that I could start doing something to deal with the flab.  Maybe I need to hang my bathing suit in the bathroom where my last good beach picture is and use that as motivation and reminder of the goal.  I would really love to get back to the 130's. 
I guess it is one meal at a time, 15 minutes of core work a day-away.