Sunday, December 20, 2009

Product Reviews-Natural Factors 12/12 probiotic, Archer Farms flavored water, Spry, NOW and Sweetleaf liquid stevias

So I've been on the Natural Factor's 12/12 probiotic now for a week.  I've finished off one of four bottles in one week attempting to make up for being off probiotics for at least 2 weeks.  I have had no adverse effects from taking as many as 12 in one day.  This week I will take 6/day and next week go to the recommended 3/day.  I guess another order to Total Health is fast approaching :-)  It is recommended that you keep these probiotics in the fridge and they were shipped with a gel cool pack.  Again, I paid $13.97/bottle of 60 pills through Total Health discount vitamins.  The cheapest price I could find.
Archer Farms sugarless flavored water.  This is Target's brand for food items.  My store had 3 flavors and I decided to try their vanilla mint and jasmine plum.  They were both very nice and refreshing.  They were more expensive than SoBe 0 surprisingly but I decided to give them a try because they are 0/0.  I believe I paid $1.20/bottle.
Spry toothpaste and gum-
I have used one tube of Spry toothpaste and several packages of Spry tea, cinnamon and peppermint.  I like all of them.  I offered a piece of cinnamon to my Dad and he thought it really had a bite to it so I gave him the peppermint pack to keep (he is a constant gum chewer :-)).  The gum loses it's flavor after 30 minutes and one pack costs $1 from my co-op so I use them really for "breath freshening" and for when I am starting to get hungry or very thirsty and I don't have anything else on me.  I don't like gum so I found Spry mints on the Total Health website and I am waiting for my back order shipment to arrive.  There are 240 mints in a container for $8 and change which certainly is cheaper than the gum...and it won't give me a headache!
Lastly, NOW and Sweetleaf liquid stevia-
I have not tried all of them yet but the two that I have I am very pleased with.  Orange Creme is on back order with my Spry mints.  I have sampled the Sweetleaf peppermint liquid stevia and NOW organic plain stevia....both very good and I like that with the liquid, you can really control the level of sweet vs. the powders.  Sometimes I find one packet of stevia isn't enough but 2 packets are too much.  I can control the sweetness of beverages better with the liquid.  I have hazelnut, lemon twist and french vanilla yet to try....all but lemon intended for use with coffee as I've discovered that all the flavored syrups are either sugar based or Splenda based :(
Total Health had the cheapest price on the NOW liquid stevia at $7 and change but did not have a large variety of flavors.  Sweetleaf has more flavors but Total Health isn't the cheapest source for this brand....I believe Vitacost had the cheapest Sweetleaf prices at $9 and change per bottle.  I purchased 2 bottles of flavored Sweetleaf stevia for $11 and change per bottle.  I like the liquid stevia and see them becoming a permanent staple in the cupboard.

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  1. Hi Heather! Im on my 3rd bottle of 12/12 and I noticed a difference about 2 wks ago. Seems to be working with all the added fiber. Thanks for the tip on the website, I paid $20 a bottle at the local Vitamin cottage. I hear that the Stevia liquids are really good. Ill have to try them, maybe with coffee.