Saturday, December 5, 2009

Product Review-Steaz Zero Calorie

 Steaz Zero Calorie sparkling green tea IS zero!  This refreshing bubbling beverage is sweetened with organic erythritol, stevia and organic purple carrot juice for this particular flavor.  It comes as a 4 pack and at my local co-op was $5.99.  I have not had the opportunity to check out other stores to see if they carry it or if it is cheaper elsewhere.  For the BFC plan it is 0/0 and heaven knows we need as many of those as we can find :-)
I attempted to make a sparkling cocktail with this using vanilla vodka & Steaz Zero blueberry pomegranate.  I thought it was pretty good-different of course and my husband wasn't sold on it.  The tea threw the flavor for him.  Cocktail or not, I highly recommend this product to those who enjoy sodas and miss them.  Unlike Zevia, which is a BFC 0/1,  Steaz Zero is 0/0.  So enjoy!

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