Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi there!

First let me say thank you for your comments.  Unfortunately, I cannot leave comments blog or others for some unknown reason.  Amber has been great in trying to help me resolve this issue but alas, nothing :(  Please believe me that I would respond to each of you if I could figure out what is wrong.

I've kinda fallen off the wagon this past week or so.  I'm not making eating a priority.  Most days I am eating at 2pm and then again at 730pm and that's it.  I've eaten Subway 2x this week, Arby's once and mexican dinner "date night" last night.  'Tis the season for King Cake and with the Saints headed to the Super Bowl, I've gone gangbusters with the cake..........however, I am proud to say that it has been the ONLY sugar I've indulged in.  My issue seems to be the carbs lately NOT sugar......a huge change from the past.  I have also been really lax about the probiotics.  It's the stress I'm dealing with....job, finances, teens and hubby.  The hubs and I are working on a new role for me and I'm having difficulty making the transition but I do believe it will be for the best and I'm glad he has finally HEARD what I've been begging for over the last 7 years.  I have applied for 2 jobs and got a surprise potential job offer too.  Next week I interview for one and have to call about the other.
Sleeping is my favorite thing to do and so I do try to make the most of it and get a lot of it :-D  However, I really need to get my hours under control.  I've been staying up until 1-2am and sleeping until 10-1030am.  My current job allows such a schedule but I know that will come to an end if I get a job elsewhere.
I must also admit a new preoccupation (which has kept me from this blog).  I constantly play FarmVille on Facebook.  What a dork right?
So, I've had to take a hard look at what I've been doing....especially since Amber is totally ROCKIN' it...WOO HOO and way to GO!  I live on the coast of North Carolina so beach season is only 3 months away.  I've gotta buckle down and lose at least 8 more pounds.  I started BFC at 161 and I'm now 148.  I would LOVE to get to 130 but I've not seen that number in a long time.  I'm now 40 so I guess 140 is more realistic....maybe even 135?  I need to order the cookbooks I mentioned in the last entry and start doing some core exercises.....and EATING :-)
My next entry is going to be full of forward movement, NOT stagnation.  Again, thanks for reading and commenting and have a GREAT week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rough Day

So today it has been rough with food.  I am definitely eating emotionally.  My job is up in the air....and I'm under-employed as it is.  Next week my favorite kid leaves the program I run so there is no telling if I'll ever see her again and I worry for her.  I haven't had a brownie since October and I am craving one like my life depends on it!  I haven't been doing well making sure I eat at least 3 meals and 2 snacks a day so that certainly hasn't helped matters at all.  I basically binge eat when I get home as that has been the only meal I've consumed for the day.
I went to Costco on Monday to grocery shop and saw that they finally had Jorge's book in stock.  I flipped through it and decided not to buy it.  After the 13 weeks and the videos and discussion on the boards, I don't think I need it.  I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about Jorge and his "cure".  I've been doing a lot of research about him and his anti-sugar predecessors.  I understand the basics of Jorge's plan (tho' he never really explained the science or foundation for the 15/6 ratio during the online coaching experience) and use that in addition to monitoring fiber and yes, the meals of the Flat Belly Diet.  When I am actually eating properly, I graze all day.  Morning starts out with a leisurely cup of coffee or two and then around 11am I eat Uncle Sams cereal.  Then for lunch at around 130-230pm I have a wrap or two with tuna and spinach, eggs and cheese, chicken and spinach and then around 5pm I eat a snack of nuts, olives or cheese.  At 7 or 730pm I eat dinner....protein and veggie and a glass of wine.
I really need to make it a priority to eat.  I have gone from 161.6 pounds (Oct. 19, 2009) to maintaining 148 for the last month.  If I ate regularly it would probably start going down again and if I added some exercise it would definitely go down.
I have not prepared well for the day when my brownie craving would return.  The Green & Black's chocolate is great but doesn't do a great job substituting as a brownie.  I have researched some Stevia cookbooks and plan to purchase two.  I think since some of my fellow BFCers are blogging about recipes I'll join the bandwagon (and honor Julie & Julia) and blog about recipes from the Stevia cookbooks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another use for flavored liquid stevia

So I have found another use that is quite yummy for flavored liquid stevia.......I put it in my Uncle Sams cereal.  I have used the french vanilla flavor and breakfast has become something I look forward to now.  I have been so impressed by this I've yet to try my other flavors...not too sure that the citrus ones would be that good but I wonder if it would be like eating fruit loops or fruity pebbles?  I have used hazelnut and french vanilla in my coffee and it is very good.  I would like to find lime flavor to use for mojitos and margaritas.  I can use the lemon flavor for a Tom Collins.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barlean's Oils

If you haven't tried the Barlean's brand flax and fish oils....oh, what sweet health you've been missing!  I had not tried them earlier in the BFC program due to its cost.  However, Total Health discount vitamins (website) sent me an email with an 11% off coupon.  I needed more probiotics anyway so I looked to see if they carried Barlean's and they do!  I was lucky enough to find both the berry and chocolate raspberry flavors and ordered one bottle of each.  With the discount and no tax or shipping costs, I paid around $23/bottle vs. $30.  Last night I was craving something sweet and looked at my tracker and saw that I'd not had enough MUFAs for the day so I went to the fridge and opened the berry omega swirl flavor.  KA-POW!  Berry explosion in my mouth...very creamy and sweet...almost too sweet since I've been on Stevia for 3 months.  My mind began working on ways to use this sweet nectar.  So, this morning, I added some of the berry omega swirl to my Uncle Sams cereal.  I was very light in my application of the oil not knowing how it would mix with cereal and almond milk but it flavored the cereal fabulously.  I was also worried about making the cereal too sweet based on my spoonful of oil last night but it turned out well.  I can see using the berry flavor as a salad dressing...especially for summer salads.  Just a drizzle for a wonderful very berry flavor.
I have been researching Stevia cookbooks as I've yet to bake anything sweet.  I absolutely LOVE brownies but Jorge's recipe uses Joseph's maltitol syrup....that stuff makes me feel horrible.  I bought Joseph's maple syrup and I will probably throw it away as maltitol and I do not like each other.  I've also read some conflicting reports about maltitol so instead of making the mistake I made with Splenda, I'll go with Stevia.  Yes, I've recently heard it may effect fertility but I've no interest in having kids and I'm 40 so it is a non-issue for me.
So, when I get my Stevia cookbooks I can totally see using both oils as the "extra" for the goodies.  Clemmy's ice cream isn't an option for me either....same issues as with Joseph's.  I did buy some Fage greek yogurt at Costco and look forward to flavoring it with the chocolate raspberry tonight as my dessert.
I would like to ask that if you happen to find a website that carries Barlean's at a good price to let me know about it.  This is a product that will become a staple in my fridge just like liquid stevia.  Run, run, run to the store or web to get a bottle :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!

Happy 2010!
I hope you and your families had a safe and wonderful holiday season.  Although the shortest visit of the last 4 or more years, I was still able to go home to my family in Virginia and spend 6 days with them.  I love that even at 40, I have my Mom tuck me in on Christmas Eve and wake me up Christmas Day.  While home I was able to do pretty well on the program.  I did choose to indulge in sweets that are significant for us at this time of year but I kept it sane.  Normally I would have taken a lot of holiday food treats home with me and purchased/made more while home but not this year. This is the first year that I didn't have eggnog!   My Mom did pretty well with understanding my "latest" food restrictions but I really think she may have been impressed by the 13 pound weight loss since Halloween (that was the last time she saw me).  My pants were noticeably baggy and honestly, the seat of them looks like I am carrying a "load" if you know what I mean ;-)
JC Penny had corduroys on sale the day after Christmas for $10 so I bought 2 new pair in colors I didn't already have and they fit much better tho' they are cut in the thighs to accommodate saddlebags (which I don't have) so they still look a little funny but no "load".
I did gain 2 pounds but I do believe most, if not all of it was due to fiber.  I didn't eat anywhere near 30 grams while at home.  I stayed hydrated, took the probiotics but still felt bloated so I think it was a "false fat" issue.  I didn't have internet access while home so I missed 2 weeks of classes but watched them New Year's Eve.  They were okay but nothing spectacular.  I've read the other blogs and have found them very interesting.  I have also checked out Amazon to see how the book is doing.  I was in Costco last Wednesday and they didn't have his book but they did have the paperback version of Flat Belly Diet which I've done and basically still do just adding the S/C/F from this program.  I find that "mashing" the two together makes a more complete lifestyle and when I do follow it to a "T", I am never hungry.
As we begin this new year I realize that I need to make some changes.  I believe I've got the healthful eating on it's way but I am unhealthy in other ways.  I am chronically unhappy...with my underemployment, my marriage and husband's children and I am isolated.  I am still nursing the hurt of soul mate friend moving away and not working to keep our friendship strong and alive...I am being forgotten and may very well have been forgotten if I didn't make myself email her.  I really need a positive outlet but can't seem to figure out what that would be.  Finances are tight right now so I can't sign up to take a class or anything.  I find it difficult to "deal with" people outside of my professional obligations...not one for small talk or social games.  That was what was so great about L until she moved away.  We had so much in common and yet were quite different.  I just wish I knew why she's abandoned me.  This is incredibly painful and May will make it 3 years since she left.
So, having said all that, this is the year I need to work on being happier.  I must find a full time job and that will eventually lead to me being self-employed by 2011.  I want to wear a bikini on the beach this year.  I want to find something that I can do that makes me feel it take classes and learn a hobby, volunteer, or perhaps find a friend.
I wish you a year full of hope, health, happiness, success and love.