Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!

Happy 2010!
I hope you and your families had a safe and wonderful holiday season.  Although the shortest visit of the last 4 or more years, I was still able to go home to my family in Virginia and spend 6 days with them.  I love that even at 40, I have my Mom tuck me in on Christmas Eve and wake me up Christmas Day.  While home I was able to do pretty well on the program.  I did choose to indulge in sweets that are significant for us at this time of year but I kept it sane.  Normally I would have taken a lot of holiday food treats home with me and purchased/made more while home but not this year. This is the first year that I didn't have eggnog!   My Mom did pretty well with understanding my "latest" food restrictions but I really think she may have been impressed by the 13 pound weight loss since Halloween (that was the last time she saw me).  My pants were noticeably baggy and honestly, the seat of them looks like I am carrying a "load" if you know what I mean ;-)
JC Penny had corduroys on sale the day after Christmas for $10 so I bought 2 new pair in colors I didn't already have and they fit much better tho' they are cut in the thighs to accommodate saddlebags (which I don't have) so they still look a little funny but no "load".
I did gain 2 pounds but I do believe most, if not all of it was due to fiber.  I didn't eat anywhere near 30 grams while at home.  I stayed hydrated, took the probiotics but still felt bloated so I think it was a "false fat" issue.  I didn't have internet access while home so I missed 2 weeks of classes but watched them New Year's Eve.  They were okay but nothing spectacular.  I've read the other blogs and have found them very interesting.  I have also checked out Amazon to see how the book is doing.  I was in Costco last Wednesday and they didn't have his book but they did have the paperback version of Flat Belly Diet which I've done and basically still do just adding the S/C/F from this program.  I find that "mashing" the two together makes a more complete lifestyle and when I do follow it to a "T", I am never hungry.
As we begin this new year I realize that I need to make some changes.  I believe I've got the healthful eating on it's way but I am unhealthy in other ways.  I am chronically unhappy...with my underemployment, my marriage and husband's children and I am isolated.  I am still nursing the hurt of soul mate friend moving away and not working to keep our friendship strong and alive...I am being forgotten and may very well have been forgotten if I didn't make myself email her.  I really need a positive outlet but can't seem to figure out what that would be.  Finances are tight right now so I can't sign up to take a class or anything.  I find it difficult to "deal with" people outside of my professional obligations...not one for small talk or social games.  That was what was so great about L until she moved away.  We had so much in common and yet were quite different.  I just wish I knew why she's abandoned me.  This is incredibly painful and May will make it 3 years since she left.
So, having said all that, this is the year I need to work on being happier.  I must find a full time job and that will eventually lead to me being self-employed by 2011.  I want to wear a bikini on the beach this year.  I want to find something that I can do that makes me feel it take classes and learn a hobby, volunteer, or perhaps find a friend.
I wish you a year full of hope, health, happiness, success and love.

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  1. Hi Heather! Realizing these things is the first step to fixing them. Lots of ppl dont recognize their unhappiness and instead blame others. So you are way ahead in identifying it!

    I mentioned your blog last wk on mine, dont know if you saw that. I also listed my favorite books that helped me with a more positive attitude. Maybe one of them will speak to you!