Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday wasn't the best day. I went over a carb serving because my eating schedule was off and I didn't get enough protein/good fat in early in the day. I woke up late because I've returned to a bad practice of staying up until 1-2am. I am also completely wrapped up in the boards on Jorge's site. I spend HOURS on them-checking to see if someone has posted anything new, recipes, web sites and yes, what they are saying about the program and Jorge.

I am sticking with the program and making sure I get good fats in every day to deal with visceral fat which Jorge has not addressed. Prior to the BFC I did the Flat Belly Diet by Prevention magazine and prior to that I did the South Beach Diet. I did well on both programs but they support using sucralose/Splenda which I now know is BAD. The Flat Belly Diet was really informative regarding visceral fat which is the fat that accumulates and surrounds your organs. Eating the proper fats and sticking to a 1600 calorie diet (4 400 cal. meals) they said you would lose belly fat and inches. I did just that and never felt hungry. However, the only thing that stuck from that diet was MUFA-the good fat your body needs to be healthy and get rid of visceral fat. Which brings me back to "tweaking" BFC and the tracker.

My tracker (another fellow BFCer, Lucie, sent me one she had made and I've since created my own to add other items to track) lists meals, snacks, liquid intake, carbs, sugars, fiber and MUFAs. If I go another week without losing weight, I'll start tracking calories too. I do not currently exercise and do not plan to as I do not want to overwhelm myself with change. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I am still getting used to how/what to eat and until it becomes second nature and "automatic" I am not going to go over board with stuff. I think that has been a problem for me in the past. All or nothing thinking. I have to change EVERYTHING right now and commit 100% in order to get it right....and it proves to be too much for me. My husband and kids are eating whatever they want (still healthy food but some hidden sugars) because I'm not at a place where I can incorporate what I've learned into cooking for them every day. I am focusing on me first.

So, today I plan to eat at reasonable and regular intervals to keep the blood sugar levels satisfied. I already have my walnuts packed for work so I just need to get my protein powder in a shaker and I'll be good for the afternoon. Breakfast was the usual Uncle Sam cereal, lunch will be a wrap of some kind with spinach and dinner well, I might play that one by ear.


  1. Hi Heather, Love your Yoda quote, I use that all the time with my Star Wars crazy kids! Happy to see another BFC Blogger! I feel like at wk 5 now it has be come automatic, my S/C counts come in a lower everyday and leave room for a shake or chocolate if I want it! Personally I cant read the comment boards anymore. There are a handful of people on there that just spout negativity and excuses, and frankly, that is not how I live my life! Reading that just brings me down. :(

  2. Hi Heather, glad to see you started a blog, I like Amber have a hard time reading the boards. Negativity brings me down too. I haven't had any pound loss on the scale but I feel better in small increments so I keep plugging along. Maybe one of these weeks I'll have a drop. I also have very unstable hormone levels so I know that is messing with me as well. I'll just keep going and see what happens. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Heather, I enjoyed reading your blog. Good Job! I like the way it is set up. This is new for me too, but it is healthy to go beyond our comfort zone. The negativity sucks but that is par for the course. Look forward to reading more from you. Best regards!