Saturday, November 28, 2009

Survived Thanksgiving

Well, I survived Thanksgiving-that's because we didn't actually celebrate Thanksgiving until today (my husband's family couldn't come until last night) :-) I did all the cooking and prepared everyone's favorites. Did I do BFC? No I didn't and I don't feel bad about it at all. I was so busy on Thursday and Friday that I hardly ate so my spoonful of everything that I made today isn't a concern for me. I am even going to indulge in a sliver of rum cake and pumpkin pie. I weighed earlier in the week and saw my lowest yet....153.4! I also got out the tape measure and I've lost an inch at my belly button.
I am concerned that I've run out of probiotics and will order the ones Jorge recommends after I post this. I also plan to "accelerate" things by up-ing the dose since it is okay.
Since I had to get the house together and presentable for family, I've not done my product reviews. I am really planning and hoping to do this on Sunday after company has left. I have beverages, chocolate, protein, Amazing Grass, etc. to share.
I hope fellow BFCers had a good holiday on the plan or not :-)

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