Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hi there!

First let me say thank you for your comments.  Unfortunately, I cannot leave comments blog or others for some unknown reason.  Amber has been great in trying to help me resolve this issue but alas, nothing :(  Please believe me that I would respond to each of you if I could figure out what is wrong.

I've kinda fallen off the wagon this past week or so.  I'm not making eating a priority.  Most days I am eating at 2pm and then again at 730pm and that's it.  I've eaten Subway 2x this week, Arby's once and mexican dinner "date night" last night.  'Tis the season for King Cake and with the Saints headed to the Super Bowl, I've gone gangbusters with the cake..........however, I am proud to say that it has been the ONLY sugar I've indulged in.  My issue seems to be the carbs lately NOT sugar......a huge change from the past.  I have also been really lax about the probiotics.  It's the stress I'm dealing with....job, finances, teens and hubby.  The hubs and I are working on a new role for me and I'm having difficulty making the transition but I do believe it will be for the best and I'm glad he has finally HEARD what I've been begging for over the last 7 years.  I have applied for 2 jobs and got a surprise potential job offer too.  Next week I interview for one and have to call about the other.
Sleeping is my favorite thing to do and so I do try to make the most of it and get a lot of it :-D  However, I really need to get my hours under control.  I've been staying up until 1-2am and sleeping until 10-1030am.  My current job allows such a schedule but I know that will come to an end if I get a job elsewhere.
I must also admit a new preoccupation (which has kept me from this blog).  I constantly play FarmVille on Facebook.  What a dork right?
So, I've had to take a hard look at what I've been doing....especially since Amber is totally ROCKIN' it...WOO HOO and way to GO!  I live on the coast of North Carolina so beach season is only 3 months away.  I've gotta buckle down and lose at least 8 more pounds.  I started BFC at 161 and I'm now 148.  I would LOVE to get to 130 but I've not seen that number in a long time.  I'm now 40 so I guess 140 is more realistic....maybe even 135?  I need to order the cookbooks I mentioned in the last entry and start doing some core exercises.....and EATING :-)
My next entry is going to be full of forward movement, NOT stagnation.  Again, thanks for reading and commenting and have a GREAT week!

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  1. What is your weigh in day? Recommit myself and you can do this!!