Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another use for flavored liquid stevia

So I have found another use that is quite yummy for flavored liquid stevia.......I put it in my Uncle Sams cereal.  I have used the french vanilla flavor and breakfast has become something I look forward to now.  I have been so impressed by this I've yet to try my other flavors...not too sure that the citrus ones would be that good but I wonder if it would be like eating fruit loops or fruity pebbles?  I have used hazelnut and french vanilla in my coffee and it is very good.  I would like to find lime flavor to use for mojitos and margaritas.  I can use the lemon flavor for a Tom Collins.

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  1. I didn't know stevia made a flavored liquid.
    the french vanilla sound good to put on oat meal or Uncle Sams cereal,Thanks for posting this.
    I don't know how to join in on the blog or to be a follower. I hope you get this comment.
    You know me as
    Linda from Balto