Saturday, February 20, 2010



Is anyone else getting bombarded with Jorge's latest plan for those of us in our 40s?  I'm still reeling from the $400 price tag of the last "coaching class" that netted a loss of 13 pounds....not the 30 his "hook" claimed I would lose.
Well, first time shame on you, Jorge...this 40 year old isn't falling for another get rich quick scheme for you.

Okay, enough of my time on that.  It has been 3 weeks now since I last posted something.  I've been very busy and was laid off from a job that I loved the kids I worked with but couldn't stand the company.  Fortunately I was able to land a part time gig as a contracted consultant to get a program up and running at another agency.....full time employment may follow.  Then there is the ever present tension, frustration and "ICK" of living with 2 teenagers.

How has the "life style" been?  Well, considering that I've eaten King Cake every week since the last blog entry and I've not gained anything says a lot.  I married into a Cajun family and between the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, it has been a nonstop party since the playoffs.  Fortunately, the King Cake supplier has ceased making the deliciously divine "crack".
I did neglect to take the probiotics for about 2 weeks and that really threw a wrench into the mix so I ate those pills like candy for a week and now I'm back on track.

The goal is to get automated again.  I've let that go since January and it really lends itself to me over eating at dinner time.  My body has already "changed time" so I am getting sleepy earlier and waking up earlier and that is a definite plus.  I'm not sleeping the morning away and then rushing to work.  I get up and have coffee, get on the computer and then eat something but not enough as I am almost "binge" eating at dinner!  So, again, automating is key.

Nice discovery since I've been gone from the blog....2 more followers, welcome, and I can NOW LEAVE COMMENTS!! Woo Hoo!  Needless to say, Amber (meandjorge) was the first to get a comment :-)

Have a great week!


  1. I just cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to leave comments now! It was SO frutstrating.....just wonder how/why it magically changed?!

  2. I finally found out how to be a follower and to set up a blog,
    Hope to hear more from you on your blog,,, Target has unsweetened Almond Breeze in the dairy case for $2.99 Do you have a super target near you?
    When I signed up for a blog I'm (The Hand Lady)