Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barlean's Oils

If you haven't tried the Barlean's brand flax and fish oils....oh, what sweet health you've been missing!  I had not tried them earlier in the BFC program due to its cost.  However, Total Health discount vitamins (website) sent me an email with an 11% off coupon.  I needed more probiotics anyway so I looked to see if they carried Barlean's and they do!  I was lucky enough to find both the berry and chocolate raspberry flavors and ordered one bottle of each.  With the discount and no tax or shipping costs, I paid around $23/bottle vs. $30.  Last night I was craving something sweet and looked at my tracker and saw that I'd not had enough MUFAs for the day so I went to the fridge and opened the berry omega swirl flavor.  KA-POW!  Berry explosion in my mouth...very creamy and sweet...almost too sweet since I've been on Stevia for 3 months.  My mind began working on ways to use this sweet nectar.  So, this morning, I added some of the berry omega swirl to my Uncle Sams cereal.  I was very light in my application of the oil not knowing how it would mix with cereal and almond milk but it flavored the cereal fabulously.  I was also worried about making the cereal too sweet based on my spoonful of oil last night but it turned out well.  I can see using the berry flavor as a salad dressing...especially for summer salads.  Just a drizzle for a wonderful very berry flavor.
I have been researching Stevia cookbooks as I've yet to bake anything sweet.  I absolutely LOVE brownies but Jorge's recipe uses Joseph's maltitol syrup....that stuff makes me feel horrible.  I bought Joseph's maple syrup and I will probably throw it away as maltitol and I do not like each other.  I've also read some conflicting reports about maltitol so instead of making the mistake I made with Splenda, I'll go with Stevia.  Yes, I've recently heard it may effect fertility but I've no interest in having kids and I'm 40 so it is a non-issue for me.
So, when I get my Stevia cookbooks I can totally see using both oils as the "extra" for the goodies.  Clemmy's ice cream isn't an option for me either....same issues as with Joseph's.  I did buy some Fage greek yogurt at Costco and look forward to flavoring it with the chocolate raspberry tonight as my dessert.
I would like to ask that if you happen to find a website that carries Barlean's at a good price to let me know about it.  This is a product that will become a staple in my fridge just like liquid stevia.  Run, run, run to the store or web to get a bottle :)

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  1. I use SweetLeaf Stevia. It has 0 calories, 0 carbs, and a 0 glycemic index.

    I'm not worried about my fertility either...stevia has been used for 1500 years without any documented adverse effect. I don't care too much about the fertility of rats.