Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finding the right "lifestyle"

It's been a while.  I admit, I have a hard time with follow through sometimes.  But, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise as evidenced by the on and off of the eating "lifestyle".  What I am consistent with is my LOVE of food, cooking and eating.  What of that continues to change and evolve is what I am eating and the "lifestyle" I'm trying to stick with.  I think I may have found what works for me, finally.  It is a modified Paleo.  I say modified because I am keeping the dairy.  Cheese and heavy cream are necessary for my success with any eating "lifestyle".  Why I feel so optimistic about this is I have found blogs that have recipes that allow me to continue to have delicious baked treats.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have come across the variety of 1 minute muffins and cakes that use almond, coconut or flax seed meal as the flour.  I have also discovered the multiple benefits of coconut oil-both for cooking and for moisturizing and treating skin conditions.  Approximately one month ago I began eating this way and so far I've lost 9 pounds.  I probably would have lost more had I not engaged in 2 weekends of indulgences (Mexican fare, too many libations and pizza) but I'm not beating myself up about it because it is just so easy to get back into the routine and rhythm again.  I've started following Mark Sisson's Daily Apple blog and discovered that I am a bit of a "faster".  I don't do anything regimented it's just the way I typically eat.  See, I don't like to eat when I first get up in the morning because it makes me feel queasy.  I definitely have my coffee first thing and recently I've noticed that I can nurse that iced coffee for the whole morning.  I may "feel" hungry around lunch time or a little later into the afternoon and I'll eat some protein and a fat of some kind, usually cheese.  I try to have dinner around 6-7pm and finish the night off with an iced "nightcap" of either amaretto or canton for a sweet fix and wind-down.  So, I go, on average, up to 18 hours between dinner and my next meal-whether I make it a breakfast or lunch themed meal.  I have also modified the amount of carbs I consume from Jorge's original 120 to 105 but I've kept the 15 sugars and 25 fiber.  I've been trying to lose as much weight as I can without going to exercise because of the common sense Gary Taubes discusses in Why We Get Fat.  I don't really like exercise either, especially now that I don't have someone to do it with (I did well with a buddy).  However, I think I'm beginning to plateau and I have my son's graduation from basic training (Navy), my anniversary, my 25th high school reunion and oh, yeah, BEACH to get healthy for :)  So, whether or not I like it, I need to get started with it.  I do like the yoga and exercise ball and recently the Hubs and I "treated" ourselves to a XBOX 360 with the Kinect sensor.  He picked 2 games and I picked one and that was Zumba Rush.  I've heard a lot of women like Zumba and I did like to dance back in the day so why not? What do I have to lose other than another 17 pounds right?  I don't know if 17 pounds is realistic but I remember weighing 130 pounds and would really like to get back to that.  What I have found most helpful so far in this latest "lifestyle" effort is using to track just about everything that I put in my mouth.  I really get a kick out of seeing calories left over at the end of the day and the site saying how much I'd weigh at the end of 5 weeks if I kept eating that way.  It also tells me that I'm eating too few calories but I ignore it because my body isn't sending signals that I am-and I do have days where I am over the calorie goal of 1200, but again, I don't beat myself up about it.  Perhaps engaging in daily or every other day blogging like some of the BFC-ers  on the BFC Facebook page do will help me be more accountable and follow through?  I certainly do enjoy taking pictures of my meals and "treats" :)


  1. So glad to you see you blogging again!

    1. Thanks Amber. I've been taking pictures of some of the stuff I make and have been posting on Facebook and thought perhaps this would be the better venue for it ;)