Monday, April 30, 2012

Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking

So I have had some time to tap into my love of cooking since I have changed jobs and have gone to a very part time basis until I can build a case load.  I spend a lot of time on the computer during the day which helps me rationalize not exercising as I am researching all things dietary and delicious :)  One meal that I made recently made really satisfied and I felt good eating it.  I made pork burgers and caramelized some onions from my CSA box.  I also used the hydroponic Bibb lettuce from the CSA box as a "bun" for the burger.  I made a salad using the rest of the Bibb lettuce along with a cucumber, Kumatoes and carrots.  Granted, the burger was messy but OH how juicy and delicious.


I have also really enjoyed getting a little creative with the One Minute Muffins.  I made Strawberry muffins for dessert one night using the juicy organic strawberries from my CSA box and topped it with some homemade whipped cream with a touch of vanilla.

  I posted this picture on my Facebook page and a dear friend made a reference to the movie "Calendar Girls" can you guess what it was?  ;)

My husband has recently remarked on how much he is enjoying my renewed enthusiasm for cooking.  He was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and prescribed medication in addition to the medication he takes for chronic kidney stones.  I must share that since I met my husband 7 years ago and took over the cooking duties, his health has improved and the formation of kidney stones has dramatically decreased.  As a single dad, he was fond of cans and eating out....A LOT!  Granted, I am not there when he goes out for lunch every day, but I like to think what I'm doing here at home is helping to off-set that one meal a day he eats on his own :)

On a personal note, since I began Fast Track BFC and then incorporating some Paleo/Primal principles into my new eating "lifestyle" I have lost 10 pounds to date.  I managed to lose another pound last week!  I don't think this is bad at all for about 6-7 weeks of "work".  Sure, it has slowed down to a pound a week, but still, IT IS A POUND PER WEEK! Oh, AND WITHOUT EXERCISE :) as I am loathe to do it....still haven't found the motivation as of today but there is always tomorrow, right Scarlett?


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    1. So did I...even the Hubs liked it and went to the theatre with me to see it ;)

  2. Slow is the best way to lose. I saw your link on Facebook. Have a great day :-)

    1. Thanks Rosalie! Slow keeps the motivation going for me just as much as the initial 5-6 pound loss in the first week or so of Fast Track/Paleo.