Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trying BFC Fast Track

So today is day 6 of the Fast Track version of the Belly Fat Cure.  I bought the book last Saturday at Costco and spent that weekend indulging in all the "bad" stuff for the final time.  All-in-all I've had a good week.  I have had several days where I've only eaten 2 meals and maybe a snack.  My morning routine doesn't involve is an afterthought honestly.  Take today, I didn't eat breakfast and so far, at 253pm, I've eaten a slice of cheddar cheese and some pumpkin seeds still in the shell.  I've had a low grade headache all week as I am coming off sugar.  I have also reduced my alcohol intake this week and last night's glass of red resulted in a major headache this morning...I didn't have a huge glass either and I drank it over the course of several hours.  I guess I'm sensitive to something in it to have this reaction.
Anyway, Amber's blog has been great in providing some alternatives as I am really struggling with no sweets or seasonal treats.  She has posted a coconut pancake recipe, pumpkin and coconut muffin recipe and a recipe for chocolate coconut balls.
I have gotten on the scale every morning and it hasn't budged.  I hope this is due to a week's course of antibiotics.  I'm off them now and will resume my probiotic routine and I am going to drink some homemade ginger/peach kombucha a friend was kind enough to share with me.  I really expected to see a loss as I'd really gone crazy with sugar and carbs in pre-made foods.  I'm feeling disappointed and discouraged but at the same time I wonder if maybe I wasn't eating as poorly as I thought I was.  I've learned a lot from BFC and have done pretty well keeping the basic principals in mind when shopping and eating.  I do freely and readily admit that I am susceptible to seasonal treats such as: hard ciders, muffins, cookies, pies and chips and salsa.
Eggs have been the staple this week and I need some variety.  Perhaps tomorrow I will make the ham crusted quiche in the FTBFC book.  I will also make Amber's coconut pancakes and make enough to freeze/refrigerate as a grab and go breakfast or snack.  I would also like to make Amber's pumpkin coconut muffins.
Something that Amber and I share in common is using tea as a "treat".  I love looking for yummy teas and have found World Market to be a good source for this.  I have also enjoyed the standard grocery stores carrying the Celestial Seasons holiday flavored teas....sugar cookie, sleigh ride, candy cane, nutcracker as well as their decaf sweet coconut chai.  I drink these hot or cold.  I make a pot of flavored herbal tea every day and fill my insulated tumblers with it to drink throughout the day to ensure I get my required fluids in.  I enjoy Alyaa's Herbal Water a lot but can't always afford it so I use the herbal tea to make my own version of "flavored" water.  Since we are finally experiencing cooler evenings here in coastal North Carolina, I've had a hot tea with cream at night when the snack or sweet cravings hit.  Thanks to Amber, I now will have a yummy muffin to go along with the tea!
Tomorrow I will get my exercise area set up and I will commit to doing at least 30 minutes of core exercises a day.  It may be 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes after work, but I'm going to do it.  
Yahoo news showcased female actors over 40 and their looks on the red carpet this year and I would like to look as healthy as they do.  Of course I don't have nanny's or a personal trainer available to me 24/7 so I'm realistic.  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".
So, how's your journey?



  1. Heather you might like the muffins a little sweeter than I made mine. So keep that in mind when you make them. I keep them pretty unsweet and use the icing to sweeten it up. Get creative and you will do great!!