Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I've been eating lately & websites

So, as I've written, I purchased a CASE of GG crispbreads.  Well, to date, I have had tuna salad on them, as well as, turkey sloppy joes, Costco's spinach/artichoke/parm dip, good 'ole PB&J and sliced tomato and cheese.  I have avocados and Laughing Cow cheese that I want to try this week too.  I regularly eat chocolate VitaTop muffins-from Costco.  I've had my period this week so the muffin and BAGS of popcorn have been a nightly regular and therefore my system has been "regular"! (hee, hee)  I have enjoyed the farmer's market and my CSA box.  I've had miniture plums, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes and a variety of squashes.  My family's favorite summer salad is a strawberry/spinach/feta with balsamic.  I ordered more stuff from and peach Nature's Hollow preserves and Orange Creme Barlean's Omega Swirl which I add to my plain greek yogurt-YUMMY!  I still take Dr. Murray's 12/12 probiotics and drink Smartwater, SoBe 0 and iced coffee.  I prefer flavored coffee to using flavored stevia but since I don't always make the coffee in the morning (husband always makes plain) I have both on hand.  Every Thursday is date night with my husband at the local mexican restaurant and I enjoy their $1 margaritas and chili verde.  At least one night a week we get pizza-where it comes from varies and we have a salad with it.  I am really proud of myself for packing lunch twice already this week and plan to finish the week out taking lunch with me.  I had gotten into a bad habit of eating lunch out on the road (I travel across 5 counties to do my job) either at McDonald's (actually, I eat breakfast there-egg mcmuffin & unsweet tea), Subway & Wendy's.  I'm going to boil a few eggs tonight to make egg salad for tomorrow's crispbread topping.
What are your staples? Challenges? Favorite crispbread toppings?
I've discovered that I am doing the bulk of "my" grocery shopping (vs. the family) online....are you too?  I shop between 3 different websites for different things.....would LOVE the convinience of one-stop-shopping but what's a girl to do :-D  Where are you shopping?  What are the deals/shipping?  Here are mine-  they have $5.95 shipping and I buy my probiotics from them-cheapest I've found they have $4.95 shipping and I buy Nature's Hollow, Barlean's, Zevia, Pasta, GG crispbreads and stevia from them has free shipping on orders over $85 and under 5 pounds.  I had ordered my probiotics from them but their price went up, they have Barlean's and stevia products as well as a full line of NOW products that I occassionally partake of.


  1. How do you find it eating abroad on the plan? Im really curious! Glad you like the crispbreads too! I am currently out of them.

  2. The challenge with eating on the go is the planning/preparing AHEAD of time and not trying to do it 2 minutes before running out the door. I've been successful in taking my day's food with me only 3 times in the last 2 weeks-I'm aiming for a 4th tomorrow.
    I purchased some low sugar/good fat salad dressing to use in chicken or tuna salad as I am not fond of mayo.